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HeartBug Starter Kit

The HeartBug device is temporarily unavailable for the duration of the medical device clearance process. We expect to make the product available for purchase during Spring 2016.

The HeartBug Starter Kit includes:

(1) HeartBug ECG registration device
(2) High quality electrodes (sensors for recording ECG)
(3) USB cable for data transfer and charging the device
(4) Clear user manual
(5) Access to six cardiac analyses.

Additional electrodes and further access to the analysis system can be purchased at the SuperECG online shop.

System requirements:

• Internet access
• A normal computer or any other device with a USB port and which can be connected to other USB devices

Temporarily out of stock

The SuperECG HeartBug is a simple and reliable way to explore your heart. It is also by far the most affordable solution for cardiac monitoring and analysis.

The HeartBug is a great tool for anyone interested in the health and functioning of their hearts.

The device and analysis service are ideal for people who:

(1) are interested in their heart health
(2) have already been diagnosed with arrhythmias and want to monitor their condition
(3) belong to a high-risk group
(4) exercise and train regularly
(5) are concerned about the heart health of their loved ones

The HeartBug records the electrical activity of your heart (ECG) for up to 24 hour at a time. After this the file created by the device will be uploaded to the server, which will then automatically and anonymously analyze the data. The report will immediately be sent out in PDF format and can, then, be compared with the most common arrhythmia cases.

Please note that the HeartBug CANNOT be used with any other electrodes than those purchased at the SuperECG online shop. When you order additional electrodes you will gain access to six additional analyses. The access will be available to you immediately after your order.

If your automatic analysis report shows signs of arrhythmias or other significant findings, contact your doctor immediately. Give the report to your doctor for further analysis.

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